Best Commission Business Ideas


Best Commission Business Ideas

Friends, it is almost everyone’s dream to start their own business but for most of the people it remains a dream only because they are never able to start their own business. They are not able to start a business because they do not have any good profitable business idea, so in this article we are going to tell you some Commission Based Business Ideas with which you can start your business and earn a good commission. Can . So friends, if you also want to know commission based business ideas, then read this article completely and carefully.

commission based business
Friends, Commission Based Business is that business in which you get commission or margin on selling any product or service. In Commission Based Business you do not have any product or service of your own. You have to sell the product or service of another company and you are given some percentage of commission on the rate of that product. Such business is called commission based business. So let us know some commission based business ideas by doing which you can earn side income or part time, full time income.

Friends, in this article we will tell you about some online and offline Commission Based Business Ideas. Nowadays, mostly online business is going on, so you can do these Commission Based Business online even sitting at home.

Affiliate Marketing

Friends, this is an online business idea which is a very good online business method in today’s time, Affiliate Marketing Commissions based business. In which you have to sell the product of an e-commerce company online, in return for which you are given some percentage of commission on that product. Affiliate Marketing is a full online and home based business which you can do anytime, anywhere. The more products you sell, the more commission you get.

Affiliate Marketing Companies like Amazon, Filpcart, Mintra, Meesho etc. You will find affiliate companies in almost every category, be it shopping or medical.

Reselling Business

Friends, Reselling Business is also an online business in which you can resell the company’s products. Resell means like Meeshu is an online shopping company where you get all the products online, so if you sell any of their products, then those who buy that product will The product will not be available at the company’s price but at the price set by you, which means that you can add your margin along with the company’s price because that product has been sold by you.

Let us try to understand with an easy example, if the price of a T-shirt is Rs. 250 on Meeshu, if your customer likes it, then now you can sell that T-shirt to your customer for Rs. 300, for this you will have to You have to order the product from Meeshu by adding your margin to it. The responsibility of delivering the product rests with Meeshu. After the product reaches the customer, you will get your commission.

Reselling Old Product

Friends, you must have seen many times that there are some things around us which are in good condition but they have no use, like when a tenant leaves the room, he leaves many things in the room like bed, folding, utensils etc. If those people may need it, then you can sell such things online through Olx, you will find many things around you.

To do this business on a large scale, you can set up a complete business in which you can employ some people to collect useful old items from people’s homes, correct any deficiencies in them and sell them at a lower price than the market. I can sell. To sell these goods, you can use social media like Facebook Market Place, Instagram, Meeshu and Olx etc.

Car, Bike Reselling Business

This is an offline business which you can do both offline and online. Friends, Bike Car Reselling Business is a Profitable Commission Based Business in which the commission is very good. In this business you have to buy and sell old second hand cars and bikes. Friends, nowadays buying a new car and bike is not within everyone’s reach, hence due to lack of money, most of the people consider it better to buy second hand car and bike because second hand car and bike are available at a very low price, like if a bike If a new one is available for Rs 1 lakh then the same second hand bike which has been running for a few years will be available to you for Rs 50-60 thousand.

If you are interested in this business then you can get a good commission in this business, you just need to have some knowledge about vehicles. The commission in this business is very high, like if you buy a second hand bike from someone for Rs. 40, you can sell it to your customer for Rs. 45 or 50 thousand.

Real Estate Broker

Friends, Real Estate Broker is the one who brings customers to the property seller and in return he is given some commission. If you do not have money to buy property then you can start this business. You have to find people who want to buy land or property and you will also have to keep in touch with some dealers.

Conclusion (Final Words)
Friends, in this article we have shared some Commission Based Business Ideas with you, we hope you liked these ideas.


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