Answer frequently asked questions

Answer frequently asked questions

Why are FAQs Important?

Every enterprise has customers and employees who require answers about a business, its products, terms and conditions, and more. It’s best practice to compile all the basic and most commonly asked questions and concise explanations in a place that’s easily accessible. A help center or an FAQ page is among the most important pages on a website. FAQ pages also educate potential customers and are an important part of the sales funnel.

FAQ pages can be comprehensive, yet businesses shouldn’t rely on static lists as there may be multiple answers to the same question or nuances to each question asked.

How To Handle FAQs Effectively

To handle FAQs correctly, enterprises can use other technologies such as AI-infused chatbots to provide a more significant level of assistance to users — quick and efficient responses to frequently asked questions is vital.

Third-party tools can be used to provide better assistance to customers. The better you handle the FAQ pages, the more likely you are to gain and retain customers. Here are few points you should consider:

  • Keep the structure logical, clear, and simple
  • Make sure the answers are straightforward and concise
  • For detailed explanations, provide a link to a guide or article
  • Regularly update questions and answers with new information
  • Organize questions into categories
  • Provide a search bar

Here are a few best practices of FAQ pages.

1. Make FAQ Page Easily Accessible

It is essential to display your FAQ page prominently on your website, especially on pages that are highly technical. Make sure to place the page on the website’s menu, footer, or sidebar section. The placement of the FAQ page is necessary so that visitors can first check the FAQ page for their questions before connecting with the customer support team. This helps cut down the volume of support tickets and allows support teams to solve more complex issues.

2. Integrate with Chatbots

When a visitor has a simple question, they expect answers right away. Setting up conversational chatbots in the FAQ section can provide efficient and personal support to visitors at scale and resolve common and frequent queries. It combines both self-serve and human support capabilities and offers quick response times, leaving critical issues for the support team.

3. Use Smart Suggestions

Visitors on your website can ask anything, but automating responses can save time and effort. Smart suggestions on your FAQ page’s search feature can answer questions by suggesting the relevant articles on that particular query.

4. Simplify FAQ Page Navigation 

After ensuring the correct placement of your FAQ page, it is essential to keep the page simple and easy to navigate. When visitors scroll through the FAQs, it shouldn’t be difficult for them to find the questions and answers they need. Branching or categorizing the FAQ page is an excellent strategy.

Common Categories

  • Returns and exchanges
  • Product categories
  • Accounts/Payments

5. AI-Infused Smart Search

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be very helpful in the FAQ page or help center page. Many times, customers search for questions and do not get the answers according to their search due to incorrect keywords. AI solutions can autocorrect their search terms and provide results in no time.

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